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"A320WH9330047" is FAKE DINGOO

If you bought dingoo recently, please check your dingoo´s serial number, it was printed in the speakers side of your dingoo.

If it is "A320WH9330047" , then you are one of victims of FAKE DINGOOs.

Recently , a bundle of FAKE DINGOOs share a same serial number: "A320WH9330047" (funny thing is it has different serial number printed in the box, so don´t only check the serial number printed in the box ).

In real dingoos, "WH" means white dingoo, "BK" means black dingoo.

Fake dingoos use uncertified charger , a client has report it is exploded , be careful.

The fake dingoo will be locked if you try to update the higher firmware version , such as 1.6 version.

Beta 1.6 version firmware can be download here:

According to the chinese law , if you got the fake product , you can claim double money back from the seller.

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