Company Profile

   Shenzhen Dingoo Digital Co., Ltd. focus on games and digital products, and is located in the Futian District, Shenzhen, with elegant geographical, thick atmosphere of scientific research. Dingoo has a strong R & D platform and partners, dedicated and capable staff, as well as a number well-educated managers with years of related experiences in management.
   Dingoo´s excellent R & D platform continuously creates   new products, and her strict quality management system  ensures high-quality services for you, as a result, it is highly thought of. 

 Since the establishment of Dingoo, with the faith Of positive innovation and the idea of striving for excellence, together with the virtue of a high standard of talent, excellent product quality, strong R & D platform, a full range of services  system, as well as domestic and foreign partners ,Dingoo have gained consistent praise worldwide.We have agents in many  cities across the country, at the same time our products are also sold to many foreign coutries.We will provide you with the highest qualified  products.All of our Dingoo people ,with great efforts and dedication.will work together to build a much more beautiful landscape for you and make your life much more Dingoo Digital.Dingoo´people and you together,are waiting for Dingoo´s brilliant future.