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China's Own PSP is Born

Produced in Shenzhen Dingoo"s A320 is a complete China"s own games console.
1 Main chip: designed by Shenzhen Chinachip Technology Limited Company.
2.Platform for game development: Dingoo"s own R & D platform for 3D games.
3 Game program development: Designed by Dingoo and many of them win worldwide prizes.

Dingoo"s A320_3D games, on behalf of China"s digital industry , now are launching challenge with the world"s game leader SONY and Nintendo . Based on the technology of Chinachip Technology Limited, with Dingoo"s own game R & D team

Dingoo A320 game console which supports 3D games is born. A320 not only breaks the monopoly of foreign brands to game market, but also promotes the development of China"s domestic animation.What"s more,it adds glory to China"s culture and provides game_lovers a cost_effective psp games.

We believe that the development of Dingoo"s digital games will become a popular game style and this cost_effective,high value_added product will win worldwide preference in the later future.

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