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Portable Movie Theatre---A320 Video Function

    Dingoo A320 ,produced by Gemei ,with the main function of playing games, has both Audio & Video function. The most important feature is its game function.With perfect + button and built-in super powerful sensors, it supports 3D games and various simulators. Although A320 is famous for its game function, its video function cannot be ignored.It use Philips 1380 Chip,and can support MP3/WAV etc formats.Now, let´s get a specific view about A320 video function.

    It supports many video formats,including RM, RMVB, MP4,3GP,AVI,ASF, MPE,MPEG,MPG,PLASH 7.0 etc. With so many supported formats, you can download and play without any formats conversion.

    Video play interface

    Its video playing is set very simple and you can easily operate.On the interface of setting, you can set display time,break point and the ratio of the screen.

    If you want to quit halfway after opening the break point function,you can play from where you stopped last time.In the browser,you can see files named .vmark ,where the information of break point is saved.

    Now we go to test the resolutions of different formats ,AVI,RMVB,FLV,WMV.We can find A320 has a very smoothy playing effect. Yet, in some complicated circumstance,there may be a pause.As the resolution of A320 is responded to that of computer, a video played so so on computer can have a better effect when played by A320.

    A320 has strong AV-OUT function.With the equipped AV line, once connected with TV, you can share video or photos with your friends at the same time.

During this test, we use a 49-inch LCD TV.As to AV interface and the resolution of A320, it is not so that possible to output perfect image on HDTV. However we believe that there will be a better result on some old model CRT TV, and video playing can have the same effect as ordinary DVD video.

Notice: if output on 16:9 TV, select 16:9 model on the video output setting on A320, and the video can maintain its original ratio on TV.

After testing, we can see that as a game-centered console, Dingoo A320 also has a powerful video playing function,which can ultimately satisfies video-lovers & game-lovers.

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