MP3 common method of treatment failure

Flash-type MP3 in the use of the process will inevitably arise fault, if it is a serious fault of its own products, or to want to deal with distributor or manufacturer. However, a number of small failures, will save themselves a lot of time. Here are common ways to deal with failure, may be helpful to everyone:
1, Can not boot, there is probably reason for the failure:
a) no electric battery.
b) when placing the battery positive and negative poles reversed, this case should be immediately resolved, a long time to reverse the positive and negative poles MP3 will damage the internal circuitry.
c) there is debris separated from the button and between the circuit board. This is the case, removal of debris at a time when attention should be paid to careful not to damage the circuit board of a number of very small components, but also to pay attention to the product warranty. Must not be forced open the shell, so that possible damage to housing has not only affects the appearance, but also lose the protection of internal components.
2, boot automatically after the shutdown, the possible causes are:
a) short-circuit the internal circuitry. Suggested that such a situation, not to their own deal with U.S.. Since the internal flash memory MP3-type device is very small, close circuit board production, relatively more complicated, if accidentally damaged or memory circuit would be difficult to remedy. Or go to the manufacturers deal with it.
b) too many internal documents: At sufficient battery case, not because of memory space, it appeared after the boot, automatic shutdown of the situation, delete both files one after the return to normal. Proposed that the space left on the stability of players good job.
3, play a song to stop playing after (the possible cause of the malfunction has)
a) damage to a single music files
MP3 with flash memory type to be connected to PC music files to copy or delete the music files directly.
b) format problem
See instructions, view the Flash-style MP3 Whether or not stored in the format for the support. At present, some support for a variety of flash-type MP3 music format, but I still think a single format for storing music files than the storage of a variety of music to be much more stable format.
c) flash memory problem
Add and remove because of the long-term document, Flash will appear debris, it is proposed to Flash format, re-loaded songs.
4, Why do some songs in the MP3 player can not play MP3?
A: The standard MP3 songs MPEGI means third tier, MPEG2 Layer III, MPEG2.5 the third tier of songs. Others, such as MPEG1 layer while the second is for the suffix to MP3, but not the standard MP3 songs, should not play on this machine. Users can use computer-related drivers into the conversion.
5, why show up at the operating system storage capacity with a nominal value of inconsistency?
A: Since the MP3 player software built-in memory will be used up a small part of the space, so the operating system to display the memory capacity will be less than the nominal value, which is in line with the relevant standards.
6, why the response speed of MP3 players will slow down?
A: Since a long time MP3 player or make frequent use of the file is deleted, its internal flash memory may be debris (similar to the hard disk of debris), and cause slow down. The solution: use special software to format the flash memory, they can very well solve the problem.
7, some MP3 players use an ordinary cell can be normal on the 7th, but on the 7th with a rechargeable battery is not working or simply could not open the power supply, which is not?
A: The standard rechargeable battery voltage of 1.2V, while the general voltage of alkaline batteries 1.5V. MP3 ordinary rechargeable batteries with no problem, you can try for other rechargeable batteries to see if you do not support the MP3 is rechargeable batteries. MP3 is usually used in 1.2V rechargeable battery, but power consumption will show inaccurate.
8, MP3 player, a long time not in use, when once again how the use of the boot can not do?
A: In order to ensure the life of lithium-ion battery, when battery power is too low or abnormal, the lithium batteries will be protected, we are unable to boot. At this point as long as the MP3 player into computer USB port or on a dedicated charger, charging can be normal after use.
9, why do good at the WMA files on MP3 player can not play, and the instructions on that is compatible?
Answer: Some WMA files have DRM (Digital Rights Management) copyright protection tag format. They are effectively locked music, so that these pieces can only play on your computer to make them in your MP3 player to play on, you must download music by WindowsMediaPlayer.
10, MP3 players are in the use of the process often appears to skip songs and death situation?
A: Skip the situation in the MP3 music player, which is widespread, most of them are playing music because of the compression format or a problem with sampling rate wrong, players should not cause right identification, skip or lock up eventually. In addition, some models exist on the chip itself, so in the non-operation under the status of death is also quite normal in general no significant parts of the fuselage will have RESET button, the button can restart.
11, MP3 is shown how to achieve the lyrics?
Make sure your MP3 is the file there is the lyrics. "The lyrics" menu only when the songs have lyrics document shows. Song file name and file name requirements, like the lyrics. Such as: I love China. MP3 (music file name), I love China. Lrc (lyrics files names).
12, on the FM radio function
A: The general search function automatically weaker signal on some neglected or skip Units, encountered such a situation the best user to manually search their own case-by-frequency, In addition, the english channel FM FM stereo, the best will The full line of MP3 earphone started, so the receiver can improve the signal strength, rather than redundant coil together, you at this time because of the headphone cable to act as an antenna, so try to start in favor of the headphone cable to improve reception the strength of the signal.

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